Spiral death stars in space?! AWESOME.

The bizarre star system. “So what’s going on here? First off, this is not a spiral galaxy! It’s a binary star*, two stars that orbit each other, located about 3000 light years away from us. One of the stars is what’s called a carbon star, similar to the Sun but much older. The Sun is still happily fusing hydrogen into helium in its core, but older stars run out of available hydrogen. Eventually, they fuse helium into carbon. When this happens the star swells up and becomes a red giant (note: that’s the brief version; the actual events are a tad more complicated)”

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Bubble Nebula

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Spiral. Also, these pics don’t look that great until you click on them and see them in full resolution.

When you see the detail it pops out like real stars. I promise. :)

Click it! just do it!

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A galaxy drawn far far away

last night I watched the stars and dreamed I was looking past mars.

This I drew at 2am.

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New school year!

So far I have an english summer project on “into the wild” which is quite a misery to read. It is a terribly sad book, ending in his putrid corpse getting discovered by a trio of adventure seekers. I am also studying up on my american sign language. To cheer me up, I’ve been listening to a lot of steely dan music, pink floyd, the moody blues, and of course, sting.

I’ve been so stressed that I’ve been staying up with my dark light on and listening to the sound of my beating heart and the rain. it is a chilled existence, but existence is why I exist.

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engulfing and mysterious
the musk of pain seeps
into open senses
encasing in love
the blood of life.
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Arm drawings and RADU TAS.

sharah drew this on my arm.


Shara drew on my arm today in class. Isn’t the moose cute? Her blog is http://radu-tas.tumblr.com/

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