The Oct 2 March!

I know I said that I would cover the oct 2 march, but I’ve been swamped with work lately. And I went to an oktoberfest on sunday… *sheepish grin* Anyway, here goes:

From what I’ve been told, there were over 100,000 people there. I was actually in DC, and the metro was SWAMPED! The escalators were shut down, trains slowed, and the typical myriad of tourists that one always gets at large events, regardless of the political nature. There were lines of buses, and people in colour coordinated shirts/signs for the organizations that they represented.
Some of the organizations represented on shirts and signs were:

  1. Progressive Democrats of America
  2. NAACP
  3. NCLU
  4. Amnesty International
  5. AFL-CIO
  6. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
  7. At least 10 different churches, including Baptists, Methodists, and one Gospel church
  8. and many many more….

The basic premise of the march, is that Obama has in no way been the change that they believed in, and so they marched. Hopefully the power of the magority will work out the kinks of the last decade; the wars will end (as much as they can), somehow the economy will uplift and the dems will grow a pair.

but bah!

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