Is it Saturday, yet?

Is it Saturday yet? No, it’s not, but I wish it was. This has been one of those weeks where I wish the days had gone by faster. I did get some interesting reading done, including finishing, “The Book of the Moon,” and the December issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction.

I made time to look into eclipses that might be near where I live, which basically means anywhere in the Northern Americas.  The one linked to is an eclipse on Aug 21, 2017. The duration will be 2 minutes long. Not bad.

Yes, as the poster clearly indicates, I fully plan on being there for the eclipse.  And by there, I mean, “thereabouts, yonder”.

On another note, I plan on supplying news and commentary about the Oct 2 protests in DC after this weekend. I find it interesting that it’s 300 groups coming together for this event. That’s amazing that they found a common message to work with.

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