Doodlemania: jan 2011


These are some sketches I drew at home and while in a GURPS session. They are all digital drawings, drawn on my Lenovo X61. This laptop works like a charm. I love the pen, and I love the keyboard. I can’t wait to get the X201, which will by my upgrade in the next year or so.

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Doodlemania II

As you can see, I drew a bit during this week, and I just thought that it would be nice to post. Enjoy my little stick figures. :)

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The Oct 2 March!

I know I said that I would cover the oct 2 march, but I’ve been swamped with work lately. And I went to an oktoberfest on sunday… *sheepish grin* Anyway, here goes:

From what I’ve been told, there were over 100,000 people there. I was actually in DC, and the metro was SWAMPED! The escalators were shut down, trains slowed, and the typical myriad of tourists that one always gets at large events, regardless of the political nature. There were lines of buses, and people in colour coordinated shirts/signs for the organizations that they represented.
Some of the organizations represented on shirts and signs were:

  1. Progressive Democrats of America
  2. NAACP
  3. NCLU
  4. Amnesty International
  5. AFL-CIO
  6. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
  7. At least 10 different churches, including Baptists, Methodists, and one Gospel church
  8. and many many more….

The basic premise of the march, is that Obama has in no way been the change that they believed in, and so they marched. Hopefully the power of the magority will work out the kinks of the last decade; the wars will end (as much as they can), somehow the economy will uplift and the dems will grow a pair.

but bah!

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Is it Saturday, yet?

Is it Saturday yet? No, it’s not, but I wish it was. This has been one of those weeks where I wish the days had gone by faster. I did get some interesting reading done, including finishing, “The Book of the Moon,” and the December issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction.

I made time to look into eclipses that might be near where I live, which basically means anywhere in the Northern Americas.  The one linked to is an eclipse on Aug 21, 2017. The duration will be 2 minutes long. Not bad.

Yes, as the poster clearly indicates, I fully plan on being there for the eclipse.  And by there, I mean, “thereabouts, yonder”.

On another note, I plan on supplying news and commentary about the Oct 2 protests in DC after this weekend. I find it interesting that it’s 300 groups coming together for this event. That’s amazing that they found a common message to work with.

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National Read a Banned Book Week

This week is National Read a Banned Book Week. This is supposed to be  in protest to the book banning that continues to happen in public schools and public libraries. In many places, a book can be banned from a school due to a parent’s complaint, or any teacher viewing it as “offensive”.  In some cases, book banning in schools can have books removed even from public libraries. To me, this is offensive because it allows someone else to decide what I read. It also limits freedom of speech.

Why should influential books be banned? Well, let us use Huck Finn as an example. In this case, the word “nigger” is used, and that is “offensive”. Oddly enough, the way that the word is used does not seem to matter. In Huck Finn, “nigger” is used in a satirical manner that shows the negative points of the characters in the book who speak in that manner. In effect, it does not promote such “offensive language”. By banning a book that uses specific language for character development we are restricting our children’s learning. How many people read Huck Finn as high school students? Not many, because it is banned. Yet we use it as college reading, because it is an example of the first American vernacular style writing.

There are many other books also banned, and you may choose them for National Read a Banned Book Week; even if you don’t, do something to stop the censorship that happens in our schools and libraries. After all, we should have a right to choose what we read.

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No place above you, when you are above.

I am not of the world,

to accept that I would be

of this terran surface

is to condemn myself.

This perdition

is not where

I cast the nets of my mind.

The net is strewn into the crystals

of the ice and light.

It is dreamt that I shall walk

among my deepest friends;

To enter my sanctuary,

the darkness and cool;

and unto myself

this dream is sole.

I shall pace the beacons alone.

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Methane Ice Travels

She found herself kneeling in the darkness with a light before her;  her fingers felt the ice beneath her. There was a growing wet from her fingers, and it quickly evaporated to nothing. The sound surrounding her was a deafened silence. Every now and again she would feel a cool gas against her arms and body. She paid attention to the methane glass she knelt on.

The fingers arched themselves and became hot; the nails grew and scratched at the shiny surface.  Ten holes grew and slowly etched themselves through to the bottom surface. The red lips curved upward, and a laugh erupted silently. Back and forth fingers clawed the ice, and the lines became more defined. Her pace intensified and the image looked like that of a whipped back, rut over rut. A worn through hole emerged, and her legs stood beside the hole.

Her body moved upright. With an upturned face, she stepped into the hole. Quickly she slid through, and as the heels fell through they faced the glass again. Twisting she faced the nebula she had seen in front of her. The methane was now a basis, a floor. Her heels would have clicked, as it was she could only feel the bounce of energy through her soles.

Her knees bent more and more with each step, until she decided to take a leap of faith. She prayed that she would not be lost within the young stars of Messier 16. Her face plunged through liquid; nitrogen or methane she supposed. How cool it was, refreshing, dipping through the interstellar pools. An inaudible “ahhhh” escaped her lips. Her left foot caught a rock just large enough to stand on, and thus she hooked herself to it. The relative pebble was enough for her to rotate on, and she took in the view.

Oh, how the green swirls around the edge, I find myself between the edges, near the middle…

As this was recorded in her memory, her bright eyes caught a glimpse of a particle ledge. She turned her back, and, letting breath fall from her lips, she moved backwards. The smoke in front of her dissipated, and she twisted her torso to the front, and enjoyed the view as she traveled to the ledge. It seemed an eternity, and to travel to the first bridge, it probably was.

As her heels touched the soft sludge of sparkling particles she kicked her legs. This gave her just enough of a boost that she was able to fall towards the second ledge. Her toes sunk in and she walked to the edge, looking downward. There she saw the green merging with the yellow and a tower rising therefrom. Her knees bend, and her back did also.

Her soft fingers rested within the cloud of soft colours, and her nails punctured the softness. She pulled up a clump of sparkles and put them in the pocket of her skirt. The cloud compacted, and it felt as if nothing was in her clothing at all. Her leg began to wind, and she dug her heel into the surface she stood on. It dug through, and she again knelt, pressing her face against the  haze and looking through. Perceiving a red star, she reached and touched it, it was delightfully warm, and her fingers grasped the ball tightly. This too, she pocketed.

Looking up again, she fell through the hole she made, and found herself on methane glass once more. This time when she dug and melted the hole she fell through to Io. Being tired, she rested her head on a small stone, and let her feet dangle in a stream of methane. She clutched the star  between her breasts, allowing it to warm her central temperature, and in this manner she slept.

When she awoke, she found herself in a bed of green and yellow sheets, with a red ball and pillow beside her. These she pressed to her face and faintly smelled the dust of stars upon them. Smiling, she prepared for work.

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